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All three of my original pieces for the Steven Universe | Adventure Time Exhibition are up on the Gallery Nucleus site.

I know several of you asked if some of these would be available as prints (as the originals are pretty pricy).  On each piece’s page there is an option to request it as a print, so maybe if a lot of you show interest in purchasing a print something can be arranged! 

The button to request a print can be found on each painting’s page near the “add to cart” button for those of you interested:

The Person You Are Together
The Birth of Steven
Sunset on Rose’s Hill

Only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart

(via elsasfez)

Only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart

(via elsasfez)

Anna is important.


I’m one of those people that don’t haste to say. That Anna is important to me. Because I relate to her. I know what it’s like to feel her pain. That I dream of the same things she dose. That she is a talented, optimistic, intelligent person just like me. That when people ignore her. Belittle her. It feels like they are saying it to my face. 

Fic: We’re All Mad Here (Pitch/Sandy, NC17)


Title: We’re All Mad Here

Fandom: Rise of the Guardians

Pairings: Pitch/Sandy (with a light sprinkling of Pitch/Nightlight)

Warning: References to murder, cannibalism, and fetishisation of mental hospitals.

Author’s Notes: Belated birthday fic for xxdaimonxx although inspiration for the prompt itself is entirely thanks to gretchensinister and her post, “If you give me sexy blood red blacksand with Pitch in a straitjacket I will reciprocate with whatever it is in my power to do so with”.


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